Frameless Glass Shower Doors

You want a frameless design that is going to be beautiful as well as durable. We use thick glass that will last. Pottstown Glass Company has been in business since 1950 and we stand behind our installations. We will schedule a consultation to work with you on sizing and appropriate heights for the glass shower doors. Below are a couple of examples of our work. Be sure to check out more pictures in our photo gallery.

The shower doors are generally the last item to go up during a renovation after the new tile and replacement of the vanities, so keep us in the loop of how your renovation is going. We’d love to be part of your project from start to finish so we can get the timing right and get your shower functional as quickly as possible.

Glass Shower Door Installs

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Pottstown Shower Glass Installation
Pottstown Shower Renovation repair
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If you are familiar with HGTV programming, you’ll notice that a lot of the renovations done on this show include a “master bath” that turns one dingy looking bathroom into a breath-taking new bathroom. These bathroom renovations often include a frameless shower enclosure with brand new tiling. The before and after pictures of these bathrooms are a complete 180 transformation. During your renovation project, we want you to experience the same feeling as those home owners on HGTV when they unveil their new bathroom. As glass specialists since the 1950’s, we stand behind our work.

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